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Yangon Bike & Bite Tour

We are not only passionate about cycling, but also about food. For the ultimate Yangon experience, try this tour when you can enjoy a different kind of scenery from the city and enjoy the local food. Yangon Bike & Bite tours are extensions of Dala Discovery tours for those who want to combine biking & eating. After your ride, we take you to Yangon’s popular tea shops, local restaurants and street-food vendors.

Yangon Bike & Bite Tour – Your Lazy Lunch

Our Yangon Bike & Bite Tour Lazy Lunch, starts at 8 AM with a morning ride in the tranquil countryside around Dala on your bamboo bike. Around lunch time, you will be back in the city: time to get to know some of the delicious local dishes. We start exploring culinary Yangon on foot and learn more about the culture while eating the local dishes which you will fall in love with. It will be great to discover the local treasures of food, one stop after another. You will devour must-try dishes like noodles, snacks and appetizers.

Along the way, we will pass beautiful sites and colonial buildings. Your guide will explain all you want to know about the city’s history, culture and people. Meanwhile, you will have a chance to let the food digest. The tour will end with a visit to a market called Bogyoke Aung San Market.

Yangon Bike & Bite Tour – Your Downtown Dinner

On our Yangon Bike & Bite Dinner Tour starts at 1 PM. You will taste the most popular food and snacks in Yangon. It will be well-deserved after your Dala bamboo bike adventure. The food tour is full of flavors as it covers a wide range of food that you will find throughout Myanmar!

After resting a bit at our meeting point, we will stroll along the main road to stop by and enjoy the food at the local food-stands and tea houses. Don’t miss out on a samosa salad, one of the most highly recommended street foods in Myanmar! At a popular tea shop you can enjoy one of the best noodle dishes with a cup of Myanmar tea, while watching how locals spend their time there. When your culinary journey continues, we will visit other handpicked restaurants for other finger-licking snacks.

Along the way, we will pass by beautiful sites and colonial buildings. Your knowledgeable guide will explain all you want to know about the city’s history, culture and people.

What is included?

  • Bamboo bicycle(s)
  • Ferry fares
  • Food & Bottled water
  • English speaking Tour Guide(s)

What is the price?

The prices are US $ 53 (~€ 47) per guest for the Bike & Lunch Tour and  US $ 59 (~ € 52) for the Bike & Dinner Tour. Unfortunately, we cannot accept card cards or cash payments on site. Therefore, we kindly ask you to pay by credit card when you book online.

Please note that we need a minimum of 2 persons to carry out the tour.

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Yangon Bike & Bite Tour in brief

  • Unique food and cycling experience

  • Famous ‘Tea Shops’

  • Starts at 8 AM or 1 PM

  • Minimum of 2 and max. 6 guests

  • $ 53 Lunch Tour / $ 59 Dinner Tour

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