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Our bicycle tours in Myanmar

Cycling in Myanmar is a great way to discover its hidden gems. On our beautiful and comfortable bamboo bicycles, we will take you off-the-beaten track for a unique adventure. At a leisurely and relaxing pace, we will show you places you would never find on your own. You will get an exceptional insight into the local communities and lifestyle.

On our half-day Dala Discovery Tour, you will cross the river by ferry to arrive in a tranquil countryside village of Dala where time stood still. It is just across the river from downtown Yangon, but contrast between the two sides of the river is striking. In Dala, you will visit colorful markets, see interesting crafts and meet the friendly local communities who will warmly welcome you by saying mingalaba and giving high-fives!

For the ultimate Yangon experience, you can easily take the Yangon Bike & Bite tours that includes delicious authentic local food. We take you to the world-famous Yangon tea shops, local restaurants and street food vendors. In case you prefer to stay in downtown Yangon, you can also book one of the yummy yummy Yangon Food Tours.

What tour will it be? Hop on your fancy bamboo bike and discover the impressive colonial buildings, pagodas, rural life and other hidden gems. Choose the bike tour that suits you best or use the contact form for a made-to-measure tour offer.

Enjoying Myanmar starts with a sensational Bamboo Bicycle Tour.

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Bamboo Bicycle Tours Myanmar

  • Unique tours in city and countryside

  • For bike and food lovers

  • Comfy bamboo bikes

  • Small groups

  • Safe and reliabable

Our tours:

Dala Discovery
Bike & Bite Tour
Dala Cycling tour quiet road

Escape the masses to discover the tranquility and charm of the countryside, just across the river from downtown Yangon! Enjoy a memorable morning or afternoon bike tour on the quiet back roads of  Dala – a small rural town where time stood still. Visit colorful markets, see interesting crafts and meet the friendly local communities: mingalaba!

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Bike Bite Tour Yangon dishes

For the ultimate Yangon experience, meet the people and taste the food. You can easily combine our Dala Discovery Tour with our finger-licking food tours. We have picked the best locations for you, where you can taste a variety of delicious Burmese dishes and get an insight in Myanmar’s famous tea shop culture.

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