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About us

Bamboo Bicycle Tours Myanmar is a partnership between Yangon Food Tours and Project Lifecycle B.V., a Dutch company focusing on producing bamboo bikes and organize unique day-tours on self-made bamboo bicycles locally. By using their expertise in combination with our understanding of local habits and hidden gems, we are able to offer you high-quality, unique experiences in Myanmar.

Yangon Food Tours is one of the first tour companies in Yangon offering the most authentic local Food tours. We are one of the top-ranking tours in Yangon for over 5 years running on TripAdvisor. Our guides are passionate and knowledgeable. We love Myanmar food, culture and people. We love to share our passion and provide you with the best memories of Myanmar.

Our Foodie Tours include a variety of Myanmar food, ranging from Burmese cuisines, tea house snacks to finger-licking street food. When you book the Yangon Bike & Bite Tour, you will experience the best of both world: delicious food and riding a bamboo bike. However, also on our Dala Discovery Tour we cannot resist giving you a taste of Myanmar.

About our Bikes

The easy way would have been to order off-the-shelf mountain, hybrid, or city bikes like other tour companies; it sure would have been easier and cheaper. But that’s not what we are about – we are passionate about our bicycles! We are bicycle fanatics and want our customers to experience the unbeatable ride quality that bamboo offers.

Our bicycles are mainly  build from natural materials, such as bamboo, sustainable wood, rattan and hemp. We are constantly improving technical design and material selection, based on our expertise in technical engineering and the bicycle industry. Bamboo is shock absorbing and incredibly strong. For us it is the perfect material to craft our bikes. Besides, what is more appropriate than riding a bamboo bike in an area where bamboo grows so abundantly?

But t is not that easy to design a safe, trustworthy bamboo frame that can last a lifetime. The appropriate bamboo species must be chosen and thoroughly treated. The lugs (joints) must be carefully designed to provide the required strength and stiffness, while preventing any cracking. We can tell a lot more about our bikes, but why don’t you come and try?

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