Surprising Yangon on a bamboo bike

Myanmar – a.k.a. Burma – is well-known for its mystical monks, beautiful temples and golden pagodas. However, Myanmar is also a country of delicious food, friendly people and authentic rural life.

Join us to explore the magic and beauty of Myanmar. On unique bamboo bikes, we will take you off-the-beaten track and show you the rich cultural experience of the city. You will cross the river by ferry, to arrive in the tranquil countryside. At a leisurely pace you will pedal through rice fields and local communities which will warmly welcome you: mingalaba!

For food and cycling lovers, we offer you a unique adventure – combining the best of Burmese dishes and an unforgettable ride on our comfy bamboo bikes. Check out the Yangon Bike & Bite Tour page and combine your favorites.

Choose your preferred tour or use the contact form for a made-to-measure tour offer. We are happy to create a personal tour for you, your friends or family.

Your unforgettable Myanmar adventure starts with a captivating bicycle tour on your eco-friendly bamboo bike.

Bicycle Tour Yangon Myanmar
Food Tour Bicycle tour Yangon

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Bicycle tour yangon myanmar

Yangon on a bamboo bike. Don’t miss it!  Make sure to timely book.

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Bamboo Bike Tours Yangon

Discover the cultural richness of Myanmar. We show you the best places, go back in time in the countryside and meet up with the friendly population. Come join us for our world-famous Bike & Bite tours. Experience Myanmar through tasting its food, interacting with its people and riding our bamboo bikes.

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Bike Tour Rangoon Myanmar

We are one of the first tour companies in Yangoon. We are passionate about Myanmar food, culture, people and cycling. We love to share our passion with you. Our mission is to create eco-awareness by promoting the use of durable materials, encourage people to ride a bike and having social impact on communities.

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